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ringSPEED_V3_Icon_512pxringSPEED is the pocket knife for Nordschleife addicted people.

The ringSPEED iPhone app will give you all important news for the Nürburgring Nordschleife. All webcams, all sections of the racetrack, all the important routes to the best view points, the very latest news, the opening times for tourist-rides and the most important security advice – everything at a glance in great design.


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All 11 webcams of the Nordschleife-region are shown clearly and attractive. Of course including zoom-function with complete gesture support, the same as you know it from the map-app: One-Finger-Double-Tap & Pinch-Open to zoom in and Pinch-Close & Two-Finger-Single-Tap to zoom out. Naturally it includes linking to social media: Save the pictures of the webcam, send them as an email, to your Facebook Timeline or send a hot tweet – everything directly from the app. Refresh of the webcams with modern smart-download-function: the picture of the camera will only downloaded, if it is really new. Update the pictures of the webcam in touching the button either all at once or one specific webcam with detailed view. These functions are not only intelligent but also save bandwidth! This much of comfort no other app for the Nürburgring offers!


The Nürburgring Nordschleife including Grand Prix course in highest resolution consisting of one polygon containing more than 1200 single coordinates. No automatic registration, but detailed, manual adoption of the route and thus even with highest zooming a precise representation, in which deviations from the satellites’ pictures are reduced to a minimum. Red marks of all official and unofficial sections of the track with names and kilometre information – of course also for the Grand Prix track. Find all important parking spots, which are close to the viewing points, easily along our green marks. But the best is: we have all the important, interesting and well accessible marked in blue. It does not matter, whether you are an old hand or a greenhorn: with ringSPEED everybody finds the known and unknown view points. Start GPS navigation directly from the app – ringSPEED detects the navigation apps on your iPhone. Thus you can drive with your GPS navigation app to the starting point and start the route at the foot path. With the rest ringSPEED will support you due to GPS-supported position marking directly on the map. Here too, there is full support for zooming including the possibility to switch between pictures of satellites and map. Additionally there are interesting information and photos in a detail view to all markers.


All important information concerning the Nürburgring, the Nordschleife and the races: Brand-new and directly from the network with the fastest spreading of information – the #nring twitter stream, completely without needing one’s own access. And if you want to drive yourself during one of the tourist ride sessions, you will find opening times and security advice at a glance. Last but not least we have deposited our website, our twitter account and our facebook page within the app. Find us, follow us, be up to date. If you have any problems or suggestions for improving or simply want to praise us, you can just mail us – of course comfortably and easily from the app.


If you get in trouble on the track, find the important emergency number as direct call button in the app. On every incident you should call this number immediatelly. To support you and the rescue workers, your GPS position and the distance to the next track section is shown to you.

ringSPEED available on the App Store

ringSPEED Overview:

  • all 11 webcams of the region at a glance
  • large-sized single view of the webcams
  • extremly comfortable Social Media connection – directly from the app
  • webcam images saving and sending via Mail, Twitter and Facebook
  • Smart-Refresh – refresh of the webcams on new images only
  • complete gesture-zoom-support in single webcam view
  • Google map view with extremly precise Nordschleife representation
  • marker for all 53 track-sectors with kilometre indication
  • marker for all 15 important parking lots
  • drawing of 12 routes to the best viewing points
  • a lot of information with almost 100 images
  • easy navigation with GPS-supported position marking
  • start GPS-navigation directly in the app
  • display of all brand-new information via Twitter stream #nring
  • display of the official opening times for tourist rides
  • overview of all important security advices for tourist rides
  • emergency help via GPS position & phone button
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish

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What our customers say:

„Useful not only to old hands.“
– David D.

„Useful app, I really like it!“
– Marc W.

„Amazing, all important information at a glance.“
– Maik S.



  • ringSPEED is not an official app of the Nürburgring! We as developers are not connected in any way to the operators of the Nürburgring.
  • Even though we enquired carefully, ringSPEED cannot guarantee completeness or correctness of information.
  • If you have any technical problems with this app, suggestions for improvement or would like to comment, please use our form for contact. We cannot take remarks into account, which are posted within the App Store evaluation, because these are only transmitted anonymously.


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